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Alcantara Gineico began importing Alcantara in the 80's. Alcantara is the world leader in "ultra micro fibre" man made suede. It is to this day the most UV resistant man made suede, and it still boasts the highest resistance to rubbing and wearing. Our customers have used Alcantara on boats of all sizes and have always commented on the ease of cleaning and resistance of this material when compared to aother less expensive materials on the market. But then our marine customers understand the inherent quality of the products we represent. Visit one of our showrooms or contact our staff for colour cards, cleaning instructions, or the name of one of our trusted marine upholsterers. Just remember to choose the colour wisely. With Alcantara you wont need to replce it for years.... Softan: Gineico are proud to announce the arrival of Softan to Australia. This incredible micro fibre "man made leather" is butter soft, easy to clean and yet boasts incredible UV resistance. It is also a commercial grade man made leather and has unmatched resistance to streaching and wearing so it will not "pull apart" like other ultra soft man made leather. Please contact our showrooms for details or colour cards.

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